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Caching ... disk overload ... ???


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Wondering if uTorrent disc caching files can be relocated, and if so what is "best place" for them given that my primary (only) hard drive on the laptop i am using for downloads has a 120gb SSD (generation 1) while i have two USB2 1Tb drives (one of those is used to download torrents onto). My question specifically relates to the contradictory issues that SSD is relatively slow for writes (and eventually wears down/out) versus the "too much" activity on a USB drive. My distinct preference is (pending good useful inputs from others here) is to place the uTorrent cache file(s) on the USB drive and cut the activity on my SSD drive. IF THAT IS THE CASE, just HOW do i specify the drive for uTorrent to use for caching purposes? Where does it go to by default??

BTW, when i download (often) i have found my best total thruput of downloads is usually to have from 5 - 10 active at one time -- my connection is limited to 2mb (1.6mb in practice) and quite often the movies i download have what seem to be very sporadic download speeds (i.e. speed all over the place and rarely a consistent rate - but when the rates are consistent i try and cut back a couple of the downloads then and get slightly better total thruput). [such is the internet here in the jungles of Southern Leyte, Philippines -- but the beaches are pretty nice <hehehe>!]

Useful comments, suggestions, and experience are appreciated in advance.


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