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Tracker name changed after adding one to active file's trackers


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Using next to most recent build of uT 3.2 in Vista x64. No other problems right now, except these (AFAIK).

May be an explanation, but once again, this isn't something I've seen in past (or least, not noticed).

1) When adding the tracker, http://tracker.publicbt.com/announce, to tracker list of actively d/l file (through the file's properties), after close the file properties screen, the tracker is changed to:


I double checked on some other d/l sites & they also listed the same http://tracker.publicbt.com/announce for same file.

If I re-open the file's properties screen, after I added the orig tracker, the name has changed there & also in uT main screen - lower pane. I even deleted all UDP trackers for the file, just to make sure it wasn't a duplicate, etc. I delete the UDP tracker entry & re-add the http one in properties again, then it changes it to a UDP instead of http

AND changes it to ... .com:80/... instead of publictb.com/announce.

Whether the "....com:80/ announce," VS "... .com/announce" makes a difference - for THIS tracker, don't know. But changing it from http to UDP???

I tried it several time, adding the tracker in several ways - always same result.

Tested a couple other files - adding http trackers to active file - didn't change those strings in any manner.

2) Also discovered, when get list of extra trackers for a torrent & add those - in usual manner - to trackers in a files properties, they never show up in the UI pane under Trackers. Ever.

Though in past, I just added trackers to a file's properties / tracker list & voila, they were in the main UI tracker list & most often, # of seeds for a file went up - very quickly. Didn't have to stop a file, force recheck or anything.

Now, I've tried stopping a file / restarting; force rechecking (which it does) but newly added trackers don't show up. Tried closing uT / reopening. Nothing will add trackers, beyond what was included from original d/l site. Definitely NOT what I saw in past.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Thanks... I guess.

Rhetorical question, but I wonder why so many new torrents still contain http addresses for publicbt?

As for link to "answer" for 2nd issue - that's got to be the saddest analogy I've seen in a long time.


(but then, uT DID add (at least one) tracker - just changed it's name).

I'm not sure if the linked article is your way of saying, "in recent uT versions, it's NOT possible to add extra trackers"?




I don't know HOW uT (or any other client) works - NOW.

What I know is, if in (say, uT 2.x days) there was a torrent w/ only a few seeds, it likely d/l like molasses. Can't depend on always finding peers. If you could find LEGIT (non duplicate) trackers for the same torrent, that had a few more seeds, the d/l AND usually - u/l rate went up - IMMEDIATELY.

The article seems to be speaking of adding trackers - at random - that aren't KNOWN to be hosting a torrent. If just adding random tracker names, then no, there's no value.

You're experienced enough, that I don't have to say "research that." I believe It was true (in the past, at least) & many legitimate torrent info sites said the same. "If you can find additional trackers - actually hosting a file - then there's a benefit in adding them." It worked for me. I'm not talking about adding 100 trackers or trying to get 100+ seeds -just enough for decent d/l speed.

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1st, can't count on always finding peers. Sure, they're there if illegally d/l latest movie - which i don't.

If d/l an older, not too popular torrent, may be no peers. Sometimes, if want to ever finish the d/l, must find extra, legit trackers.

2nd, not always using DHT - doesn't work w/ all proxies.

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