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Server Closed Connection (10054)


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I just got a new Ethernet switch today and tried running uTorrent with it. However, I can't connect to any peers/seeds and when I tried running the setup guide I got the "Server closed the connection, 10054" error.

I've tried setting up a static IP but the network I'm on seems to . . . discourage that for whatever reason so I've resigned myself to the dynamic IP. Anyway, there's definitely a problem, but I'm not sure what it is.

Can anyone help?

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I am new at this and I do not understand slang, code, or click speak so please be straight forward with simple layman answers. However, I am not a computer idiot either - just looking for some straightforward help in a new application. I have been able to download from EZTV.IT and other sites from home, work, the library, coffee shops, etc... Now I am suddenly unable to download anything from anywhere - from work, home or a coffee shop that I frequent.

I read a few things and ran that test in the Setup Guide and it says that the "Speed Test Failed" Data Read Error: closed the connection. (10054)

How do I correct this and get back up and running?

Thank you in advance,



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