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uTorrent stops downloading properly after I shut the computer down.


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I've recently been trying to download Monster Hunter Tri. It's a large file at 4.37gb.

It downloads fine, and my latest attempt reached 55.5%, until I log off or shutdown (my family shares the computer so I have to).

By the time I start downloading again, it throws an error message that says "Torrent Error -> File: Monster.Hunter.Tri.[NTSC][uSA].iso -> The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

During the time between my re-starting the download and the computer tossing the error message, uTorrent displays down and up speeds but the download doesn't really progress, I think (the size downloaded stays at 2.47gb).

So I tried quite a number of suggestions from the internet (killing media shiz, messing with the setting of things), but I still can't get it to work.

In light of the advice of a number of guides, I tried messing with the actual file being downloaded. I could neither move it nor delete it or shiz. When I try, the computer says it is in use be the system.

So yeah. I'm feeling pretty shitty right now. Please help.

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Got to ask. What language are you actually using, your post contain words that are not part of any version of the English language.


The inference of your question appears to point towards your computer running an operating system MS Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and maybe has "User Switching" enabled and/or when you iinstalled your torrent client the download locations are within your user profile (MyDocuments etc.).

If this is the case, two options are open to you.

A: Move the download locations to a folder that is outside of the user profiles and threfore accessible to all users.

B: Stop the client from automatically starting with Windows and start it manually when YOU logon to the machine.

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