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whats gone wrong why 1clickdownloader


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ok so yes im a newbie, and hopefully someone nice can help

i have utorrent plus and everytime i go to download a move

1. the magnet doent work it cant find the application

2. it asks me to download as a 1clickdownloader

all the files are saved as an .exe file

what have i done wrong?

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To expand on option 2>

you are clicking on the wrong button/link, Many torrent sites have taking to making the "1clickdownload" link THE most obvious thing to click in the document, Click on something that says "Magnet link" (be patient while the meta information propagates to the add torrent dialogue), a "Get Torrent File" link/button, or a [GET TORRENT] link, rather than the brightly coloured button that is conveniently placed and higly prominent.

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