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Private Torrent Network


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Don't know where to post this, so trying here.

I need help. I'm working for a company that is currently preparing to deploy 1000's of computers across the world, in random locations for a new product hitting the market soon. We have a central CMS system that will push applications out to these PC's, however its very reliant on a host server and isn't exactly quick. Im thinking BitTorrent is the answer.

What I'm thinking is building my own Server to host the torrents (will put this in a Data centre somewhere). Installing a torrent client on every PC. Then I will create a torrent file, put it on my Server, then push the tracker file to every PC that needs that application using my CMS tool.

The PC receives the tracker, automatically fires up the torrent download and gets the application. Then if the server goes offline, the PC goes offline or there are 100's of PC's downloading the application at the same time, etc. the application will basically be self propagating, or will resume when the PC restores connectivity to the internet.

The catch is I can't have these Apps accessible to the public.

Does this sound possible / viable? Or is there no real way to lock down a torrent network? We can hire more programmers if we need to develop this utility.



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Make use of the "Automatically load torrents from" feature (Preferences -> Directories) and have a Windows service (TSR program/application) running on the clients that downloads new torrent files from the server and drops them into that directory. The torrent client scans that folder at 1s intervals and loads what torrents it finds that are new.

Location of .torrents

Store .torrents in sets the location that µTorrent should save .torrent files to. By default, µTorrent will save these files to the settings directory.

Move .torrents for finished jobs to moves .torrent files to the specified location after it is completed. By default, these files remain in the same location that they were first copied to.

Automatically load .torrents in directory tells µTorrent to check the specified directory every second for new new .torrent files, and automatically load them. Note that the directory specified here must be different from the directories specified in the .torrent storage settings, otherwise, you will run into problems with .torrent files looking like they're missing to µTorrent.

Delete loaded .torrents tells µTorrent to delete the .torrent file when it is auto-loaded. Normally, if this option is not checked, µTorrent appends .loaded to the extension to indicate that it has been loaded and to prevent µTorrent from trying to load the .torrent file again

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