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Strange problem with utorrent GUYS I BEGGG YOU ALL PLEASE HELP ME


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First of all let me tell you i m not the expert in utorrent and its use.

This prob started from past 2 weeks, before this every thing was fine. I have a 10mbs unlimited plan.

and before i use to get aprox 700-800kB/s.

Now the problem is I m getting just 10-25kB/s, some time very very rare it goes up to 200 that is all.

Some info you guys mst know.

1) No throttling from my ISP coz i have another laptop connected via same wireless modem and there torrents download with 800+ speed. infact i tried it wid the same torrent, Wid me its max 25kB/s and other laptop it will go more than 600.

2) Have done my setting as per my speed test.

3) Scanned with every possible Anti Virus, spyware etc.

4) Tried download with firewall disabled and with windows firewall enabled, and finally with my default Anti virus settings, its the same.

5) I have tried Disconnecting all connected devices to router and just alone downloading its still the same max 25kB/s.

6) Update my wireless driver, its upto date

7) System restore

8) Tried power cycling, restarting router via gateway.

Every possible google.com help, nothing seems to help me. Can any one here help me why this is happening, All of sudden this started happening, I m using the same version everything.

Info about my machine.

1)Asus netbook

2) uTorrent 3.2 version.

Please help me guys..

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