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Samsung application for smartphone sync blocked by µTorrent 3.2


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Is there a way to avoid µTorrent immediately taking an exclusive lock on my Samsung Galaxy S2 immediately when I connect it to the USB cable ?

This completely blocks the Samsung Kies synchronization driver, causes sever freezes, it makes Samsung Kies unresponsive when launching it.

In addition, each time I connect it, µTorrent adds TWO instances of my Samsung Galaxy S2 in its list of devices. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, it maintains a permanent lock on the USB storage as long as µTorrent is running (it is running in the background at boot time).

Please DO NOT add devices automatically (it is bogous because each time I plug the USB cable, 2 new instances are added). And provide an explicit button to connect the device in µTorrent or to add a new device.

Unfortunately there's absolutely NO configuration to avoid this automatism.

Solution : I have to manually delete all instances and close the "Show devices" list. Otherwise Samsung Kies will not launch and will freeze in the background. If I launch it, its spalsh window that appears on top of ALL windows remains for 10 minutes or longer on the screen and there's no way to hide it.

All that because µTorrent detects a new filesystem added to the Windows installation, and sets its current working directory to it ! Please NEVER set the current working directory on a plugable devices.

This bug affects many smartphones and other devices with USB storages, not just Samsung Galaxy S2 ! For example it also affects softwares for managing portable navigation systems (Tomtom, Mio, ...), or portable media devices. We should not have to sync using ONLY µTorrent just to convert medias unless we explicitly want to do that in µTorrent !

!:( !:( !:( !:( !:( !:( !:( !:( !:( !:( !:(

So this message is :

- a bug report (µTorrent incorrectly connects to USB storages and creates multiple instances and locks the device access)

- a request for enhancement (stop the automatic connection, or at least allow us to disable this automatic addition and connection when plugging it in a USB port)

- and proposes a workaround for troubleshouing it : Quit µTorrent when you connect your smartphone (or media player, or car navigation system, or digital camera, or scanner....

In my opinion it is so buggy that you should imemdiately remove that feature from µTorrent, it harms more than it is useful, and there are other tools available for converting media formats (notably in external player applications that DO NOT have this problem).

Or separate the function in a distinct media conversion app or opitional application, do not leave it in the core code !

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