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No seeds or peers


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Hello Lovely Utorrent community,

We are having an issue with our torrent client-

We just moved to California and got a new computer. At first, when we went to upload our torrents (from ext. hard drive) they appear and seed well for the 2 or so minutes that they are checked/downloaded but then stop seeding and have no peers. Now the status bars are all red, still say seeding, but absolutely no actual seeds or peers.

We've searched the forums (here and other sites) and tried numerous solutions but not so much.

We're running windows 7

utorrent 3.1.3

upload speed 4.2Mbit/s download 15.9Mbit/s

We want to be able to contribute to the community and maintain our memberships status but so far no results and we're currently in ratio watch.

We're also aware that any loss of privileges could have negative consequences on our friend who so graciously invited us and want to do everything we can to avoid that.

We're all out of ideas, running out of time, and could really use some support. HELP!

Many thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your help-

Just double checked my tracker code and it's accurate

Tried changing my proxy settings, the status bars are pretty much all green now but still not seeding a few peers peppered briefly here or there at a few torrents.

Active torrents:0

Any other ideas?

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Good Question.

I mainly posted to see if there had been anyone out there who had a similar problem and and how they solved it. because we've never had a problem in all these years. If it were just that torrent, I would just nuke it and start again, but it's all of them.

I wanted to put our situation out there and publicly brainstorm some solutions with people who are more knowledgeable as well. At this point, though, i'm beginning to think we might be a tad assed out.

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