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[Help Needed] Script to auto-set label


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Hi Everyone.

I was wondering if I could get some help with what I'm trying to achieve here.

I'm using utServer and wanting to get it to auto label upon torrent state change. I know we can make utorrent run a program when a torrent's state changes so was hoping this could be used to assign a label to a torrent?

For example, I was hoping to be able to make utorrent automatically assign a label based on some key words. for example if "HDTV", or "S0*E0*" is in the file name utorrent will automatically assign the "TV Show" label to the download. then for everything else the "Movie" label could be assigned?

Is this sort of thing possible? I'm trying to have my processes automated as much a possible and auto-labelling is the final thing that needs to be done.

If anyone could help me out with such a thing I'd be most grateful!

Thanks everyone!


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