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Disk Cache setting.


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Utorrent cache, disc overload?

I have having so many problems with disc overload when using utorrent.

I am downloading an 8gb file at 1.4MB/S and every so often i get disc overload 100%.

My cache is set to 64 and i have tried increasing to 96mb but it still overloads most the time.

Any suggestions?

I have;

Dell dimension 3000

2gb ram

3.00ghz processor speed

20mb broadband

if that helps


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WalkerCorps, unsure what version of utorrent you are using. I'm using the latest 3.2.1 beta version and the two Windows function ones that you have highlighted do not appear in this version. I don't understand the language, but all the others in the list appear the same as what I have and are set exactly the same as mine, so I guess that's the default setting as I never mess with the cache part of utorrent. I would therefore suggest you leave it as it is if you aren't getting any problems.

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