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Can't See File Descriptions


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I'm having trouble viewing the preview torrents window. The window itself opens up fine, and the folder descriptions are easily expanded (by clicking the + button beside them) to show the files contained in them. But for some reason the file names are squashed into a tiny space in the left, with no way to shift the column.

As a result I can't read any of the descriptions of the files contained in any torrent. This is because the space to display them is only about 2 words wide. I have tried expanding the whole window, but it makes no difference. There is no column width adjuster, the columns just appear to be fixed.

Please note this is NOT files from piratebay. These are normal torrents (not magnet ones).

I'm running windows 7 64bit. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm using the 3.2 version of utorrent and have only had this problem with this version.

EDIT: **I've just noticed on the previous version: 3.1.3 there are "Name" and "Size" column headings which are NOT present in version 3.2 so this could be the problem?

thanks :)

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Apparently I misunderstood the verbal description above. It sure sounded to me like the problem I described. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to correct the issue. I've search for various combinations of "add new torrrent window column width adjustment" etc., and this was the only post I found that seemed (guess I was wrong) to address the same issue.


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