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Warning Message - If you paid for UTorrent -You have been scammed....


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I posted on a previous thread on this subject but noticed it's from 2006 so probably should start a new one?

I am really just curious since I have been using version 1.8.3 for some time now (as it's the only one my Torrent Site Allows) - I have all 'preference' auto-updates unchecked for obvious reasons.

Just suddenly, this message (or similar wording) has started to pop-up every time I log on to UTorrent.

Is there any way to turn it off? It's great that there is a warning message out there for those poor sods who got duped into paying (not me, thank God) but I only needed to see the message once - it's a bit irritating seeing the message every time I open UTorrent after all this time.

I don't know why it just suddenly starting popping up after all this time - even if it was an issue back in 2009 (as I read on the other thread)...I have never had it pop up each time I Log-on to UTorrent.

Can I switch it off?

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Just saw DreadwingNights terse reply to my other post on a previous thread saying

'I am not supported' - oh well -

As you will have gathered from my post , I was ahead of Dreadwingnight - although it took me a while to notice the thread was old - I guess it should have been closed off already....

So - no Support for people who are 'forced to use the 'older' versions of you UTorrent Product - oh well - better start looking for one that is acceptable and WILL be supported.,

Thanks for your help (Not).

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Not our fault the site you're using wants you to use a version of uTorrent that has confirmed security holes.

well even though you're determined to live up to your own quote of "I never claimed to be nice" - at which you do a good job with your cutting replies....... this information is still helpful - the site says that although the later versions are not on their allowed list we can use at our own risk....so I guess I'll do that or use another Client......

So thank you anyway .... don't know if the terse and cutting responses are your MO but try and be nice and not 'helpful by accident'.... doesn't cost anything to try and give pleasant responses,

Thanks again for your help and I am now unsubscribed from this thread.

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Yeah, your simple "You are not supported" reply, then you close the thread, without any explanation. I think it's ignorant as well... The least you can do it say WHAT is not supported, rather than YOU are not supported. You make it look like the person is the one who is not supported, like they're a leper, not the client they are using.

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