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Odd Problem


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:rolleyes: Hello, i have an odd problem.

I have mtorrent 3.2 and i slowly added 791 torrent files. Great. But after around 600 the number changed. While 791 files exist, the program lists only 790. Adding or removing files makes no difference, it is always one less. I compared the torrents where utorrent keeps them with my copies of them and they are identical in number. Used a number of file comparison utilities to figure out what is going, but no luck.

I also re-added every torrent by hand and saw that no knew torrent was added. All i got was the tracker addition question.

Is the only possibility that two torrents that i have failed to identify, my head is spinning, simply contain data that deal with a single entry in the list or can something else be occurring? I would like to verify what is going on.


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