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Some Firefox installs download Magnet links_some WON'T, registry same


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You may have to read this post couple of times. I've looked at many articles, including this: http://kb.mozillazin...rotocol#Windows - & everything seems right in registry ( 2 Fx versions on same machine). The registry entry HAS to be the same on same machine - for Firefox versions / installs THAT WILL - OR WON'T D/L magnet links.

For some Firefox installs, in Options >Applications, the "Magnet" content type shows up & offers option to choose app to use, & some it doesn't (but read on).

For some Firefox installs, (SAME machine, same Windows OS, same registry), there's no Magnet content type listed in some Fx Options>Applications: IMPORTANT - IN BOTH CASES, the same registry is used, so HK_Root\Magnet\ must be correct, because at least one Fx install handles Magnet links OK w/ uT. The registry entry appear to be identical to various articles & instructions of what should be in the registry key.

(uT's "Associate Torrent Files" button has been clicked). The ONLY difference I see is in the different mimeTypes.rdf files in the different Firefox installs (that either WILL or WON'T d/l Magnet links).

In Fx's that WILL d/l magnets, the mimeTypes.rdf file contains several lines about "magnets." In Fx's that WON'T d/l magnets, there are NO lines about "magnets." EVEN THOUGH using same registry. As I understand, that's supposed to allow specifying ( in a pop up) which app to use, when click a magnet link using Fx.

How did the "magnet" lines get in some Fx installations' mimeTypes.rdf files & NOT in others, when same uTorrent is installed, & registry entry is same for all Fx installs?

1) Is the absence of "magnet" entries in mimeTypes.rdf file the reason some Fx installs won't / can't d/l magnet links?

2) If so, how do you fix it, when their respective registry entries, to control magnet associations, are already identical? Copy a mimeTypes.rdf that contains the "magnet" lines over to Fx installs that won't d/l magnet links?

I've noticed other file types / content are present in one Fx install / version, but not in others.


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