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Problem setting English as the operating language in Germany


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I downloaded the current stable version of utorrent here in Germany and wanted it in the default language - English. Under Settings it says you can do this. I selected Englishs and retarted the program as instructed - still in German.

Usually using my Vista Home system (purchaesed in Germany so possibly utorrent is reacting to the German version of Vista) I can do this normally by deleting the utorrent.lng file which I usually manage to find under AppData or somehwehre like that. But it is nowhere to be found nowadays on Drive C..

It must be somewhere. Could you please direct me to it?

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Thanks. Yes.of course.

As I said, there must be an .lng file on the system that you should remove, with the result that you get the Default language - English.

Where is is it?


The Version is 3.2 (build 27886)

The torrents that I select are in the English language e.g. from Pirate Bay.

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