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Can I move a torrent mid-download to another computer?


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I know it sounds like strange request but I have a huge torrent download of several GB that is about 60% complete. My computer has started acting really flaky and I think I need to reformat/reinstall Windows but I really hate to lose this torrent's progress. I also have utorrent on my laptop. Is there anyway to move the existing torrent download/progress to another utorrent install (from my desktop to my laptop) and have it continue or do I pretty much have to lose what I have and start over?


- Byron

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Desktop 1 (one thats acting flaky)

if the torrent is saved inside a folder on the hard drive it should be something like this

C:\Some Folder Here\Torrent Downloading Here

>Torrent Files

if the torrent is a single file it should be something like this

C:\Some Folder Here\

>Torrent Files

in either case make sure that you back up all the files associated with the torrent you wanna move

Desktop 2 (unflaky desktop)

Restore the backed up torrent files to whatever folder you want

Load your torrent into uTorrent from there you should have a few options,

1. either a window pops up telling you that you loaded a torrent,

2. the torrent loads and automatically starts downloading,

3. or torrent loads and sits there and waits for you to start it.

1. when the window pops up change the torrent save location to the folder you restored torrent files to as to the root of the selected folder so if you chose C:\Some New Folder Here\ you would select that folder as the storage location and uncheck the box that says Start Torrent and hit ok, then right click on the newly loaded torrent and click force re-check, and it will re-check ur downloaded files and u should start back at ur 60%.

2.& 3. Load your torrent stop it from downloading, right click on torrent go to advanced then set download location, if the torrent is in its own folder and folder selection window will pop up, select the root folder such as C:\Some New Folder Here\ if the torrent is not in its own folder a save as window will load, same thing really just browse to the root folder C:\Some New Folder Here\

if solution 1 fails and after recheck u still show 0% then do solution for 2 & 3 but start from ensuring that the torrent is STOPPED once you have it pointing to the proper download location you should be fine

always check by doing a force re-check prior to actually starting your download

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