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want to be responsible seeder, not leecher


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hi all,

i've read the guide left, rght, and center, and scoured the forums, but i still have a newb question. i'm big on etiquette, and although i prolly won't be uploading, i do want to seed as much as i download. so i set my share ratio to 1.10, and so far everything has been going well. i've downloaded lots, and seeded everything i've downloaded--no speed issues.

however, there is one file i downloaded that that has been seeding for days (and days) with 0(2) seeds and 0(7) peers. and 0% has been uploaded from my torrent. does this just mean that no one else wants this torrent (and i'm the only dweeb that did)? should i keep it in my queue until it finally seeds or should i stop seeding it? what's protocol in this situation?

also, i keep hearing getting being kicked off torrent sites for leeching (mostly private ones which i have no idea how to join anyway). do public sites like piratebay check users' share ratios? is it possible to see someone else's overall share ratio on a mac? can i see mine, for that matter?

thanks in advance for any info.

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I am a troll NOW, thanks to the Nazi Regime here....

I could provide an answer, but according to the fuck-wad here, I give out bad information, but the stooge did not provide PROOF, with corrections; and banned me for it.... Funny, though I was banned AFTER complaining to the Administration here, that he's an asshole (with another user). Big gaping one, I found out...

...And, I may or may NOT stop after I am banned permanently, with the MANY POXY IP addresses, and fake email addresses anyone can make. HE pissed off the wrong person...

WHen I am banned, I will com back, ONE MORE TIME, just to prove he can't get rid of people who complain about jag-off staff members.

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If 0 seeders and 0 peers are online the torrent will not start to download.

Only if the availability is greater 0.99 (1 or higher) you will be able to get all the content of that torrent.

The number in () indicates that there are seeders (with 100% of content) and peers (with 0 to 99.9% of the content) out there but not online at the moment. So just wait and keep the torrent running.

@Powerslave: Now I banned you.

Respecting the moderators and administrators is a minimum when you enter a forum (read the rules). Yes, sometimes they are not right - but they do their best.

If members/users ask again and again over years the same questions without searching the forums ... so don't wonder if somebody feels pissed on.

And don't forget, most of users/moderators/adminstrators are NOT paid for help here.

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Been a longtime user of utorrent with Mac. The last 4 weeks having major problems with seeding torrents. I think I have all of the settings correct. I am not that great with the technical side of all of this so please respond with step by step instructions or a place for me to follow a guide. The upload speed is very slow & I am not seeding the way I used to. Thanks for the help. I am so pathetic I can't even figure out how to start my own thread.:rolleyes:

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