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Exporting all statistics to new PC


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Hi there,

first of all, i took a look to the FAQ, but i only found an answer for exporting the statistics for the utorrent client (downloaded, uploaded, share-ratio, last time started etc.).

I want to know if there is a way to export the statistics for each torrent-file, cause i need the amount of uploaded GB per File and the ratio for the files i'm seeding on the "new" pc (changing Mainboard an have to install win again) too, so i can't simply install utorrent again and load the torrent files, cause everything will start with "0".

Is there any way for this, or may i take the "easy way" and just copy all directories, utorrent is using know simply to the new PC after installing utorrent there using the same directories (it's win XP on both PCs) .

Hope it is clear what i mean, my english is very rusty after years of not using it ;-)

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