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New to utorrent - please help!


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First off, in case this is posted in the wrong forum or something, apologies.

I'm new to the forums, new to utorrent, and new to torrenting in general, so I have probably made some mistakes without realizing.

Anyway, I've downloaded the utorrent program, started setup, and run into some roadblocks.

I'm in Australia and currently using:

Windows 7 Home Premium

NetComm NB6PLUS4W Wireless ADSL2+ Router


The speedtest fails.

It reads: "Lookup error: This is usually a temporary error during hostname resolution and means that the local server did not receive a response from an authoritative server. (11002)."

This is using Bandwidth: Sydney, Australia

Searching for this error on the utorrent website and google didn't return any info.


The network is not 100%.

It reads: "Port is not open (you are still able to download). More info is in the FAQ and at portforward.com"

So I went to portforward.com and found the information for my router. I also figured out how to access tge page for my router. So far, so good.

I got down to the bottom of the guide... and it doesn't give me the information I need to enter. WONDERFUL.




I have already googled several help guides online and through youtube, but to no avail.

Now I have no idea what to do, other than sit back and listen to soothing whale music to stop myself from throwing the computer out the window.

Could someone please help me?

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