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A HTML Table scrapper and Regex Filtering for RSS


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uTorrent is a great application but somewhat insufficient in its RSS function, namely, the lack of Regex filtering and the filter often does not work as expected.

Therefore I've developed a little application to tackle these problems--- Regex filtering for RSS and generating RSS from HTML table instead of taking malformed RSS from source.

To make this application useful, you need a web server to host the filtered feeds, so that uTorrent treat the XML files as RSS feeds.

Features at a glance


-Customizable HTML Scrapping --- you can define the html source, the output file, and how the RSS fields correspond to the columns of the table.

-Fault tolerant --- Regex-based parsing of HTML

-Applying Regex filter on Title and Description field, and limit items to within N-days

-Merging feeds --- useful to merge your filtered feeds so that a BT client can watch that single feed for all automatic downloads

-Periodic auto scrapping and filtering --- from 1 minutes onwards.

-Full UTF-8 support and support CJK characters

System Requirement


WinXP, Vista, 7

.Net Framework 4.0

Download: http://mavericktse.is-a-geek.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/tymrss2.5.zip

Visit http://mavericktse.is-a-geek.com/wordpress/archives/680

for Download and further information

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