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Moving torrents into uTorrent to SEED ONLY


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I am setting up an old PC for seeding, the issues is I am trying to move torrents into uTorrent and have them seed only, the problem is I can't seem to do that without having them download as well. I've tried the following method

-add torrent

-uncheck the 'start torrent' box in the pop up window

-right click on torrent - advanced - change download location

-set download location to the completely downloaded folder of the torrent

-force re-check

-start torrent

After I have done this it just begins downloading the torrent again (which I don't want to do). What am I missing as far as setting the torrents up only to seed? Thanks in advanced!

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It sounds like you want to seed but you don't actually have the files on the old computor.

You can't seed without having the files.

Perhaps you have the files on another computor but for some reason wan't to seed them through your old comp? If so, I'm not sure how you think that will help in any way, to seed is to share, you still have to have the files sent from the new computor.

In short, you can't seed if you don't have the files somewhere.

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