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Trouble downloading


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Hello, I am having some severe problems with Utorrent that I can't figure out on my own. Torrents are incredibly slow to the point that I basically can't download most, unless they are hilariously small.

The setup guide says the problem is "port is not open". However, I don't know any reason that it would say this, as the proper ports in my network have been open for this purpose for a long time now and nothing has changed. Additionally, I have had times in the past where it has said that the ports weren't open for some reason but my downloading speeds were never even slightly affected.

After reading online, I heard that deleting utorrents settings files and such in its directory can sometimes help. Curiously, this only partially helped me. After deleting all the necessary files, (settings, dht, etc), I can load torrents that would previously not work or get extremely slow speeds into Utorrent and get blazing fast speeds. This ends after 20-30 seconds, and the download speed then caps at almost exactly 10kbs, split between all the torrents. I have to destroy Utorrent's files again to recreate this effect each time.

The only torrents I have found that aren't affected by this are ones with extremely large amounts of seeders, usually in the thousands, and even these sometimes don't work.

Anything that I'm missing here, any stupid mistakes I might be making? Thanks.

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