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Solution to "Invalid Download State, try resuming"


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Hi, I want to share how I solved that issue since it's not the problem that I found in the forums.

I had a bunch of torrents for seeding and when I unplugged my external drive most bugged saying either:

"Error: Invalid download state, try resuming"

"Error: Disk removed. Please re-attach"

Of course the files being seeded are NOT in the external drive (that would be retarded), but I had them downloaded in the external drive but then I relocated the files to the hard drive to seed.

Well anyhow, the problem was that even using "Force Re-check" it would check "OK" and the torrent changed to "Finished" but when I pressed "Start" it would again go fail and show "Error: Disk Removed...." so WTF??

So by chance I did this to solve it:

"Force Re-Check" and then before the check ends I used "Start", this would make my torrent become in "Seeding" or "Queued Seed" mode.

Hope it helps anyone.

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