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Alpha -> Stable, Torrent Contents windows is tiny


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Screenshot here:


I tried the latest Alpha version and the Torrent Contents window was tiny, barely showing one line at a time. I use that quite a lot, so the Alpha version was kinda useless to me.

Downloaded and installed the latest Stable version, but that bug stayed. So now I have a useless contents window in Stable version. Somehow that Alpha version must've messed something up and the Stable version doesn't fix it.

Even tried to uninstall uTorrent and re-install it again, but the issue stays. How do I fix this? I really need a usable size Contents window.:/

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Already been reported. And what OS are you on.



Is that really the same issue? The window size looks perfectly normal to me on the thread you linked, I'd be happy, if mine looked like that. :)

Did you check my screenshot? My window is tiny, it only shows one row. The thread you linked has 7 rows. I used to have 7 rows. How do I get the 7 rows back? :)

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