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Checking existing file takes ages


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Using UT 3.2 build 27886 32-bit I encountered this problem:

- I downloaded a tottent file containing about 100 files, each about 1 GB big

- I had one of the files from other sources, I put it into the torrent download folder

- I opened the .torrent and in the dialog deselected all files, except the one I had copied

- after that UT went on checking the exiting file

The problem is, it is stuck at "Checked 98.6%" for many minutes.

It should not take more than 10-20 seconds to read the file on my PC. (BTW, running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit).

I also notice another file created in the folder. I guess it shares a piece with the first file.

According to Resource Monitor, there is above 70% disk activity, bandwidth is about 6 MB/s.

Done by the uTorrent.exe process on file ~uTorrentPartFile_1A48354215.dat in the download folder.

As the that file is less than 10 MB big, I don't see why there is 6 MB/s of I/O on it for minutes.

Am I overlooking something?



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