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Newbe - error write to disc access is denied


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I found out what may be causing this problem but I wouldn't know how to fix it myself.

In Preferences/Directories, I put my new downloads in F:\ and this works fine if I download and run a .torrent file.

HOWEVER... it seems that if I click on a magnet link it downloads the necessary info and displays the SHA-1 string in the Name column in the downloads window. Once the rest of the info is dloaded, the SHA-1 string is replaced by the filename of the desired file but after a few seconds of dloading data I also get the 'Error - write to disc access is denied' message. Then I decided to check by right clicking where the file was being dloaded to and I found that it was going to the My Documents folder which is protected from all but administrator rights and that is why the error was coming up.

This only began happening with build 27950 of utorrent. Hopefully the developers will sort this out over the next few updates.

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