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uTorrent suddenly stopped working today?


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I never had any trouble with uTorrent unitl today. In the middle of downloading a file suddenly both the download and upload speed went to 0 kb/s, and when I started adding new torrents that I knew had to work because they had many seeds, they wouldn't go past 0 either. I ended up uninstalling and then re-installing uTorrent and that seemed to do the trick as the torrents all started working again. However, about 8 hours later it started doing the same thing, so I tried to once again uninstall and re-install but this time it had no effect. So eventually I just downloaded BitTorrent and the same torrent started working in that program. But I really prefer uTorrent and want to keep using it, plus now I feel eventually the same thing is going to happen to my BitTorrent. Is it possible my computer has some sort of virus? I'm not very tech saavy but if it helps I'm running on Windows 7 64-bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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