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FIOS capping out at 3.6 mbs


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Good evening forum.

I'm running uTorrent 1.6.5 (27624) on Mac OS X Lion. My internet connection is on Verizon FIOS at 30mbs/25mbs (confirmed on speedtest.net). Any torrent I download maxes out at 3.5mbs.

I'm posting as I've already done all the basic troubleshooting. Here's what I've done:

-Configured the settings provided within these forums (matched global connections/per torrent connections)

-Tried downloading a torrent from SlackWare & OpenOffice.org (hoping that it would max out, still stayed at 3.6)

-Turned WiFi off, used LAN cable directly to FIOS Router (3.6mbs max)

-Turned WIFI off, used LAN cable directly to ASUS RT-N56U (3.6mbs max)

Any idea what it could be? Let me know what I need to include in the post and I will do so.

Thanks in advance gentlemen.

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