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uTorrent Window disappears when I turn OFF Display Mirroring


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When running uTorrent under Mountain Lion and with Display Mirroring tuned ON all is fine. However when I switch Display Mirroring OFF the uTorrent window disappears completely. It does not appear on any of the four open windows and the only way I can see the uTorrent window is to turn Display Mirroring back ON, then Quit uTorrent,turn display mirroring OFF and then reopen uTorrent.

No other app behaves this way.

I hope I have expressed this clearly! :/

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I When i switch to Display Mirroring uTorrent is still running and its window visible. However when I switch Display Mirroring "OFF" the uTorrent window disappears even though it is still running. However the uTorrent Menu Bar remains visible. The only way to make the window reappear is to Quit uTorrent and reopen it.

Also, I am unable to shift the uTorrent window to any of the other 4 Desktops via Mission Control.

I have (uninstalled uTorrent including the Prefs and App Support) and reinstalled it but the problem remained

I then uninstalled it again and installed the Beta 1.7.6 version but the problem remained.

I have 4 Desktops set up in Mission Control on my 2008 iMac running Mountain Lion. I have my TV connected as a second Display but unplugging it makes no difference.

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