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Is my download dead? (Frustrating situation).


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There's this 45 gig file that I've been downloading. For its entire time I've been downloading, I've never noticed a seeder connect except very briefly. Now, after several days, several of the peers have reached 99.3% completion, which was pretty surprising.

For the last few days my info readers has constantly displayed for SEEDS: (0 of 2 connected (0 in swarm)). Sometimes it's (0 of 3 connected (1 in swarm)). I don't think any of the peers have been able to connect with these "seeders".

In your expert opinion what does that seed reading mean? Are those actual seeders that are just hanging around and just not connecting? Are these false readings? (My goal is obviously to figure out if there's anything I can do to get the remaining 0.7% of the download).


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