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Save in directory not working


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Uh...OK, thanks, caio, baby! I know you're not in charge of bug fixes, but (he wondered out loud), how many releases - stable, beta, etc. - would an average, well developed, well funded software continue to let a bug like this persist?

Could it really be, "We can't figure out how to tell / make uT to save magnet files in the folders set in preferences. Has a mind of its own." Does seem strange.

BTW, since uT Windows is a diff version / d/l, what's the deal w/ calling them "directories?"

How many decades has it been since Windows used term "directories," vs folders?

Honestly, some younger Windows users may've never seen the term "directories." :)

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Directories are the correct term in the world of disc filing systems. Microsoft "dumbed it down" to explain the concept of directories (an index of objects) by telling users "it's like a filing cabinet", with each drive being a "drawer" and "folders" holding files in the drawers.

would an average, well developed, well funded software continue to let a bug like this persist?

Microsoft, and their users have been "debugging" Windows since 1992, Windows XP STILL has bugs and it comes to the end of it's official life span in about eighteen months.

When you are dealing with complex software applications all the bugs are unlikely to be ever fixed simply because some bugs only appear in a rare or unusual set of conditions, and of course every "bug fix" or service pack release may fix some bug but reveal another set, and the more obscure the conditions that initiate the faulty process the less likely it is to be found and fixed. No matter how big the alpha and beta testing groups are they cannot try or test every single combination of actions or settings that may trigger a bug.

For "Longhorn" which MS had several hundred thousand of beta testers with MSDN registered developers and partners being involved in the testing and reporting, yet it STILL made it into the marketplace as Windows Vista.

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world of disc filing systems

OK, I can tell you're a very learned person. But it's a Windows (version) app, so in that world they're folders, not directories. No one's called them directories in Windows in decades. Linux, Mac - dunno. They could change it to "storage location (path)" in all platform versions!

No one would refer to OS X Explorer, instead of Finder. Each OS has its own terms, I think.

Real issue - OSes?!? We ain't talking about "no steenk-eeng" OSes. (see what I did there? There was this movie called Treasure of... never mind) Talk about apples & oranges! It's "the world's smallest bittorrent client. You think it's comparable to any OS?

And we're talking about which (filing location) to store magnet files in, not some complex "and, if, not, then, or, also" function of an OS or CAD program. "Store magnet files in same "directory," set in preferences - same as torrent files are." Heck, I might be able to do that. Maybe most devs are working on the "new changes."

One of my downfalls - I don't know everything. Maybe I should've listened to my Dad & left home at 16 while I still knew everything.:D

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There was this movie called Treasure of... never mind)
Almost giving your age away there :D

Smallest" doesn't refer to the codebase, it refers to the resources footprint when running.

I do know that comparing an OS and and application is "apples and oranges", I was merely using Windows as an example of "bug fixing" that continues throughout the entire lifetime of the software.

Open source software fares much better in this respect simply because there are more "fresh eyes" looking at the source code when bugs are reported.

In the C/C++ world they are still directories, and the Mac 'Finder' name comes from the underlying UNIX command line 'find -name filename'

One of the problems in developing a GUI is that all too often the end users ability is 'over-estimated' and you miss the little things that you assume that "Nobody could get that wrong". It has been said that software development is a race between programmers making it idiot proof and nature creating better idiots!

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