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Getting a good quality torrent movie and getting it on a DVD


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First off, I am new at this so sorry if my questions are redundant. There may be not short answer but I am looking for good quality movies and would like some tips.

What is the different between BDRIP, HDRIP, DVD and DVDRIP?

I have Copy & Convert 3 by Roxio and it wont let me convert/burn some of the torrents I have downloaded.(all of the 1080p and some of the DVDRIPs)

I have noticed some have several files and folders to them.

Currently I am converting the movies to play on the Xbox with my flash drive but I would like to get them all to disk.

What would be the best format if my plan is to convert them for DVD?

Are there any programs you recommend?

If I let a torrent seed longer after download will the quality be better?

Are there any settings I should have in place to get a better download or does that all depend on the file?

What should my bandwidth allocation be? High?

Thanks for your help!

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