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Drive was off, now hash check will take about 12 hours! Any solution?


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First message, as uTorrent has always worked flawlessly for me. I am using uTorrent 2.2 build 24683 on XP sp2. uTorrent is installed on my C drive, and torrents are on my G drive, which is an external drive. Normally, I boot my computer, turn on my G drive, start uTorrent, and all is good. Today I made the MONUMENTAL mistake of starting uTorrent before I turned on the G drive. Consequently, a 25 Gigabyte torrent is in the process of being checked, which will take most of the day. There is nothing wrong with the file, the only thing wrong is my mistake in not turning on my external drive before launching uTorrent. Is there a way I can skip the hash check in such a situation? Thanks for the help!

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