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Upload bandwith limit not working (windows 8)


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i'm having an issue with my new computer running utorrent 3.2 (or 3.21) under windows 8.

My utorrent doesn't seems to respect the upload bandwith limitation i've set.

As you can see in the screen capture below, my computer is uploading at a 58kb/s although i've set a 30kb/s limit.

I've also checked the alternate upload limit, apply limit to overhead, aplply limit to uTP connection and limit local bandwith.


I've tried first with 3.2 version and tried with 3.21 too (wich is supposed to be windows 8 compatible).

I've also seen that the added upload rate from my 4 active torrents is around 16kb/s and the upload rate in the lower right section of the windows is around 51kb/s. A bandwith test while utorrent running indicated that utorrent is really using aroung 60kb/s of upload bandwith.

I've also pinpointed that utorrent is pretty slow to shut down, even with only a couple of torrents running.

Does anyone has an advice to help me solving this issue?

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