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uTorrent always wants to connect to a non-existant share on startup


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Hi All

Using utorrent 1.7.5 on MBP under 10.7.4 8GB/i7

One time long ago I probably had utorrent saving it's downloads to a network share sitting on, just a samba network share.

I've also saved downloads to usb drives and other things, but now it just saves to the 'Downloads' folder on my local HD.

The problem is that whenever I start utorrent it complains twice about 'Not being about to connect to' I have to click OK, (twice) then the program loads


I have cleared all the torrents out. I have checked every setting to see if an old path is there, I have 'File, Opened' a torren from a local drive incase it had an old path stored.

No Luck -- So how do I fix this ? Is there a decent log I can read? do I have to completely remove and reinstall? How can I be sure all the settings are gone? Is there a temp folder I can clear ut or something?

Please help


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