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batch torrent fille priority setting (guide)


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keep in mind this only works for one priority at a time.

software needed:

MS Excel or equivilent spreadsheet program

a macro recorder


step1: setup Utorrents web UI if you haven't already use the guide herei if you don't know how.

step2:after you login click a file in the torrent you want and select ctrl+f so it looks like the image below.


step3: open your spreadsheet program with a list of the file's you want and make sure each file's name is in 1 cell on the same row.

step4: start your macro recorder with both your browser and spread sheet program using half the screen via windows snap if possible and do things in this order.

1.cut from top cell should be A1 (ctrl+c)

2.paste in the filter box you opened earlier [mouse only]

3.press enter

4.the file should be the only one vizable so right click it and select the priority you want

5.go back to the filter box and use select all (ctrl+a) [doesn't work in safari just close the box and re enable it also in Firefox it can only be done by mouse]

6.hit back space

7.go back to spread sheet on previous cell and hit ctrl - this should delete the cell and cause the one below it to take it's place.

8.stop the macro

side notes:

if your macro recorder is a good one it should have a loop feature set it to loop the macro for how ever many cells you have left and sit back and wait while the automated magic happens.you can also code the loop into the macro it self.

most macros can be edited in notepad values are always.


(# of milliseconds)

also you should avoid setting the values to low on slower machines because it can go out of sync if a window stalls due to threadlocking.

if not their should be an editor that comes with the recorder.

however I'd recommend avoiding Auto Hotkey unless your skilled in making scripts for it. for what ever reason it messes up at the pasting part.

I'd recommend easy macro recorder and jitbit macro recorder but unfortunately they are not free.

I'd like to create a .bat that can do this as well which would be way faster but I haven't figured out a way to monitor the event of changing a files priority yet. feel free to share if you know one.

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