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Selecting Folder 4 Download - Can't Open!


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I am new at this, my apologies up front. I find utorrent to be the best out there! But I have a request, a problem or maybe I need a lesson on utorrent use!

Issue: I select and open a torrent, then I direct its download to a specific folder. But I get this option called "Select Folder". I open the folder but I can't see what is in there. . .I need to view content prior to downloading. . .I might not need to download!

Past: Open, Save As (I direct the download to a folder; open the folder and see content), then Save.

Newest version: Open, Save As, Select Folder . . . but I can't see what is in the folder before I download.

My option is to open another program, review content, then return to utorrent and blindly select the "higher-level" folder and hit "Select Folder."

I"ve reviewed the guide and I cannot find a user option/switch to change this action.

I've spent 30 mins in your forumlooking to see if someone has posted this issue; I've used a variety of search words. . . .

Maybe this is a feature that folks want "select folder" but I don't! :(

. . . .for now I have reverted back to version 3.1.3.

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The version I was using at the time was the latest stable version -; downloaded and installed on 9/19/12. Not sure what you mean by "where are you runing the open .. Save as dialogue from", but will try.

I use Microsoft Windows 7 as my operating system. I open utorrent, select "File", select "Add file".

Window Explorer opens; I select the torrent (double click or select "Open"). A "Save as" dialogue box opens. There is a button that opens another Windows Explorer Window - I usually drill down to a drive, and folders. I get to my last folder; open it and see nothing (Or another folder - not the one I want); I know I have files in the folder. Before I download I would like to make sure I need that file or am updating a file. (Very convenient to use utorrent to do this!) I notice my choice (at the bottom of the window) to place the file states "select folder" - in the past, this means to me that the torrent is actually designed to be dropped as a folder with content. In the majority of my cases, I am dropping a single file. In the past, when I open any folder, I am allowed to view the file titles all through my save as processes.

I hope I have been able to provide the info you need. . . I am a user; not a developer. I still prefer utorrent!

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Ok, so it is when you use the browse [...] button on the add new torrent dialogue.

Unless the torrent name has an extension (name.ext) on it, the browse (explorer window) dialogue will only show directories (folders) in the current location, simply because nothing matches the torrent name or file type. If the torrent name HAS an extension (.avi, .zip, .mkv, etc) the browse dialog will show directories AND any files that match the extension on the torrent name in the directory, (files of type .ext)

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