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Someone intefers with my torrent`ing.


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Hallo every one.

This is my first time so you know.

My PROBLEM is that my internet connection in night time gets interfered by the so called "Official Nett".

I have closed down and done every thing that I know of inactive but this B...... nett keeps on interfering.

I have put up a "Home Nettwork" with the thought of keeping every thing that I don't want, OUT and GONE.

I have even refused sheering between my things at home.

Any way, I always keep my utorrent going over night and each morning I`am greeted with my connection shut down and my utorrent STOPPED hours ago. And this is be course of this Official Nett.

It forces it`s self in and takes control over my internet activity.

Windows informs that this is actually a OFFICIAL NET and that it belongs to the one`s that governs.


- One thing I need to mention is that I`am diagnosed semi paranoid.

So what to relay think and since I live and breath in Norway they are not supposed to do this.

And I get even more CONFUSED.

I relay need some help on this topic and for my insanity`s sake I hope there is someone out there with knowledge about this.


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