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Scripts to Automate Linux Only!


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Does anyone have any scripts to automate uTorrent?

Excluded are: Coucpotato and Couchpotatoserver (doesn't extract ,too heavy)

Sickbeard (doesn't extract and no good for private ssl torrent sites)

Flexget (doesn't extract)

Filebot (doesn't always sort accurately)

Mostly because none of these options can be used for archives that are not movies or tv episodes.

I've been searching all over and all I can only find scripts specifically for windows which I'll never ever touch again since getting bitten by the penguin.

What I'd like to do is: Auto Extract --> create folder if none --> sort by label --> nuke within X time or seed.

Deluge is almost there but there is a problem with move on event with the autoextractor. In the mean time I'm searching other options.

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