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how to kick out users SLOWER than [some minimum limit]


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people, is there possibility to set some MINIMUM speed which peer must achieve and if he goes below that limit, he would be kicked out automatically ? With fast upload lines, I often set 30 upload slots per torrent but almost all of them are occupied with slow connections like several kilobytes per second and only one or two usually are fast downloaders (like hundreds of kilobytes per second).

I can't set 50+ slots per torrent because that is extremely huge overhaul for disk subsystem and still does not warrant "only quality fast partners" even if I do it. I rather would like to have four or five peers which I'd be providing half megabyte per second each [500kB/s = 4Mbit/s] so total about 2.5MB/s [=20Mbit/s total] than 50 people with 50kB/s [400kbit/s] - total bandwidth is the same, but the load on disks is very different.

Is it possible somehow to set the minimum required speed for peer ? If he goes below that for some set time, I'd like to kick him out. What about adding this functionality ? I can do that in very complicated way on firewall but that's not the way I want to go.

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