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Auto start queue based on speed


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Hi i'm wondering if i can set my queue torrent to start automatically if the current active torrent has a slow DL speed.

let say i have 3 torrent list, i start number 1 and if this torrent DL speed drop below 20kB/s, number 2 will start automatically and if number 2 drop below 20kB/s the next torrent (number 3) will start automatically.

i have set the "queue.dont_count_slow_dl" to true and "queue.slow_dl_threshold" to 20000 (20kB) but it doesn't seem to work.

and what number should i set in "maximum number of active download" in options?

currently i set it to one so only 1 torrent active out of 3.

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Boy are you asking for the impossible :D (or at least impractical)

Just think it through, your gueued jobs could be continually swapping around, which might be fine for somebody who has only a very few jobs running, but for a people like myself (100 jobs with 50 active downloads) it would be somewhat of a minefield, and would dramatically increase the resource footprint if all active jobs were being switched on and off continually at some arbitrary threshold.

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Yes it's impractical for a very large list.

i have 2 torrent list that keep speeding up and down every few minutes

5 minutes it has top speed and 5 minutes later the speed drop to below 10kB/s

i want to focus to only 1 list at a time but the fluctuation in speed makes it time consuming to focus to only 1 of them.

i guess if i can't tweak with the setting, i have to bear it and just be patient :/

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