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Initial Configuration Problems (Solved, I think)


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I am new to bit torrenting and to uTorrent. Today I used it seriously for the first time today and everything worked okay for awhile with the original settings. However, I soon began losing my cable modem connection. We are with Comcast and I thought we were having an outage, but eventually was able to correlate it with uTorrent.

After quite a bit of experimentation I discovered that turning off Distributed Hash Table solved the problem. For awhile I thought that reducing the torrent connections from the original 200 total/50 per torrent was effective. It may have helped but turing off DHT seemed to be the real key to the solution. In fact I am now running with 300/75 and getting great speeds.

I have no idea what I am giving up in turning off DHT. I have never had an application affect my actual internet connection before. I suppose there must be something about DHT that is overwhelming it somehow. If anyone has any information on this I would be most grateful.


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