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P2P possibly blocked on Network


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Hello... I'm user of uTorrent for some years now, and never really had any problems with it...

3 days ago i moved to my new college, and when I'm connected to the Internet (Internal Wi-Fi) i can't connect to the torrents and download! It don't really load any information of trackers and that... So it's 100% the College blocking the p2p aplications...

Is there any way to bypass this with a proxy or any other software?

I'm no expert at computers, but if you need any advanced information just ask for it (and please, try to explain how can i search that information) and i'll try to answer it!

Thank you!

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It is not the purpose of this forum to tell you or anyone how to, or if you can, bypass blocking measures put in place your college or company network administrators.

It is done to stop people flooding or slowing the network for other users and to avoid legal implications for the college or the employer.

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