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downloads missing file extensions (just shows up as "file")


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i just did a clean install of windows 7 (64 bit) on a new computer and a clean install of the latest stable release of utorrent so it shouldn't be an issue with the OS. when ever i get a magnet that downloads a single file it saves it with no file extension. it'll just show up as a plain file. also the name of the file will be incorrect. like, lets say i downloaded a ".rar" from a magnet link. the name of the file should be "rocks.rar" but it saves it as the name of the torrent, so it will be "super awesome rocks and stuff" (with no file extension)

the contents of the file are exactly the same though. if you rename it and add the ".rar" at the end, it will turn into a rar file and open with no problem.

im not sure if this happens with magnets that download more than one file because im too afraid to try it in fear they will all be messed up like that. and in the announcement part of the forum it even said this was fixed a while back while it was still in beta. also, im not sure if it's just a magnet thing or not. i usually get things from the pirate bay and they don't use ".torrent" files anymore :/

EDIT: this does NOT happen with .torrent files with single files inside. if i click a magnet link and get the .torrent file and go to my AppData folder and find the .torrent file it works perfectly fine.

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