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uTorrent causing choppy audio/video in VLC and slow-motion in games.


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What's the deal with this? This is a HUUUGE problem with this software.

I have tested this several times now to be sure that it is indeed uTorrent causing these problems. Any time uTorrent has been installed on my PC audio and video playback from VLC player becomes very choppy and unwatchable. Also, gameplay (within the two games I tested) Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2 turns into slow-motion.

What is this software installing that is screwing all these things up? This even happens when I install uTorrent to my storage drive which the OS isn't on, however I realize it will still install some main files to my system drive.

Note: uTorrent doesn't even have to be running for these problems to occur, just it being installed fucks everything up. Also, my hardware isn't to blame here (i7 2600k, 8GB DDR3, GTX460, etc). And no other processes are doing anything crazy. uTorrent runs fine and properly, but the side affect is those above problems.

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So, I got the VLC stutter and in game slow-mo/bullet time bugs happening yesterday again.

uTorrent is not on my machine. I installed Hawken (a game) yesterday and it also installed/updated my Microsoft Net Framework 4.

The MS Net Framework 4 ended up being the culprit. After I uninstalled that the problem disappeared. So uTorrent must be updating the MS Net Framework or installing it in the background or something.

note: I only thought of checking the MS Net Framework after finding some other people with the same problem had narrowed it down to that as well.

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