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Massive number of TIME_WAIT connections caused by utorrent, never end


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So apparently this problem started in the least 48 hours, no idea what caused it. Whenever I have utorrent open, if i have any torrents in it (running or not it seems), i get a rush of connections that all start out as TIME_WAIT and they never go away and I cant force end them, and to boot they are all listed as "unknown" with nothing shown as to their origin or program that opened them, just the ports and IPs. When I mean a "massive number" im talking 3000+, more if my router would allow it. This is a very serious problem, as it means I can no longer use utorrent until this is resolved. utorrent functions properly otherwise. Ive been doing hours of google searching trying to find a solution and nothing even remotely helps. Ive tried many version of utorrent. Ive set my TIME_WAIT timeout to 30 seconds and tested it and it works for everything but these connects. The moment i close utorrent they gradually all die off, but with utorrent open i would no doubt get as many connections as my network would allow up to infinity.

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