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seeding etiquette (from a new user)


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Hi y'all

I promise that I have read the offline guide backwards and forwards, as well as the FAQs and online guide, but no luck. My question may be silly and annoying to other users, but I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing...since it's "free" and i'm not an uploader (too complicated right now), it's only fair to do the right thing and seed. now *she gets off soap box*

I'm having NO problems downloading--the most time it's taken with files with few peers and leechers was overnight. Similarly, my files upload very quickly, within hours, the longest being 3 days. Seeding does affect the overall speed of my pc, but it's not unbearable and it's pretty quick so i don't mind so much.

I have my share ratio set 1.10--my understanding is that anything over 1.0 is acceptable--and I didn't want to set it much higher since it does affect the overall speed of my pc.

Now the question: Is it better to have a torrent seed for a longer time, or just meet the desired ratio.

my uTorrent settings below

pc: mac

os: 10.6.8

uT version: 1.65 (stable)

BitTorrent Preferences


global limits:150

per torrent limit:50


both boxes checked


active transfers limits: 7

active downloads limits: 5

outgoing encryption: disable

Bandwidth preferences

automatically manage bandwidth: yes

upload/download limits: no boxes checked

seed: stop at up/down ratio 1.10

sorry for the LONG tome, but i wanted to be thorough.

thanks in advance for your answers! and I swear I'll stop asking dopey questions! :)

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