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seeding etiquette (new user)


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a user politely told me that posted this in the wrong category (general), so i'm reposting it here. sorry in advance if it's long...

Hi y'all

I've read the offline guide backwards and forwards, the online FAQs and guide, and google'd my question, but I couldn't find a useful answer. Sorry if it's silly but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing...since I'm not an uploader (too complicated for me right now), it's only fair for me to seed everything I download. (right? right!)

I'm not having problems downloading/uploading. It goes relatively quickly and it's pretty consistent. My files often download/upload within minutes/hours (depending on popularity), the longest being 3 days (for a couple of esoteric titles). Seeding does affect the overall speed of my mac, but it doesn't interfere that much, and it's pretty quick so I don't mind so much.

I have my share ratio set at 1.10--my understanding being that you should seed equal to or greater than the amount you download. So essentially, my seeding time ranges between a few hours to a day.

So: Is it better to have a torrent seed for a longer time (like a week), or is meeting the 1.10 ratio, no matter when, sufficient?

My feeling is that share ratio is more important than duration of seeding, and seeding for a longer amount of time will adversely affect my mac's performance. S as long as I'm not "hitting and running" and fairly seeding the size of the file I downloaded, i'm using good p2p "etiquette." What do you guys think?


Just to be as explicit about my settings as possible (since that's a utorrent requirement),

my uTorrent settings below. Feel free to ignore!

pc: mac

os: 10.6.8

uT version: 1.65 (stable)

BitTorrent Preferences


global limits:150

per torrent limit:50


both boxes checked


active transfers limits: 7

active downloads limits: 5

outgoing encryption: disable

Bandwidth preferences

automatically manage bandwidth: yes

upload/download limits: no boxes checked

seed: stop at up/down ratio 1.10


sorry for the LONG tome, but i wanted to be thorough.

thanks in advance for your answers! and I swear I'll stop asking dopey questions! :)

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Some of this depends upon what sites you use. For example, some sites prefer you seed for at least 36-72 hours after downloading, or others might just require that you maintain an overall ratio with the site, you might have to think differently. If you're using public trackers, these usually aren't requirements.

There are no hard and fast rules about seeding. If there are still 250 other seeders, stopping your seeding as soon as you are finished would probably not matter much, but stopping when there are only a 3 or 4 would matter more. Maybe you would want to seed those torrents a little longer.

As far as etiquette goes, it's good of you to seed back so that someone else that comes after you has the same chance of grabbing the same stuff. How you manage it on a file by file basis however is up to you. Or at least that's the way I run my connection :)

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I agree with polymorphic, if you just find torrents from anywhere you can maintaining a particular ratio is likely to be impossible, and of course WHAT you download will determine the gest policy for you.

With the kind of things I download, if I kept seeding for years, my "sharing" is not going to be much more than the transport overhead.

I have one 65Gb torrent that has been running for >15 weeks, completed for ~7 weeks. My share ratio is currently 0.234 I don't think I'll be keeping that one on for much longer.

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thanks polymorphic and ciaobaby for the responses.

pretty much i only use PB--i figure even if i could get on a private site, they wouldn't like it b/c i don't upload any torrents of my own, even if i maintained a good share ratio (right?)

i up'ed my share ratio on PB to 1.20, and decided not to worry about how long the upload takes. if it takes a few hours, at least some people benefited and i seeded more than i downloaded--obviously it was a popular torrent and prolly had a lot of seeders. if it takes weeks b/c it's not a popular torrent, so be it--i don't mind seeding it.

thanks again!

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I'm on a few private sites as well as a couple of public ones and I've only posted on two of them. Some I simply don't have the unique content for and I personally don't like posting on public trackers.

Some private sites will happily accept donations for additional ratio. If you have a slower connection that can be handy to make up for the lack of ratio you can give back. Each private site has their own set of rules, so you might find some private sites will be good for you just by doing what you do now. I think Demonoid had a really low minimum ratio requirement like 0.3 before they abandoned minimum ratio altogether (and before they disappeared), but the downside was that if you made a reseed request and had a really low ratio, someone might look at your ratio and decide you weren't worth the trouble because you wouldn't seed back. Public sites don't really have that ability though.

Posting can be rewarding (even addictive) but it can also be a thankless pain. If you can get all the stuff you require from the public sites like PB, then that's all you need. If you have something unique to share, you might choose to upload it and share it. Private sites can be better because you can make requests and ask for people to reseed or to request something you can't find, which is something that doesn't happen on PB.

So don't spend sleepless nights worrying about ratio or not uploading. You seem fine with what you're doing now.

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thanks polymorphic! and thanks for replying with such an informative post to a "newbie" like me. not everyone seems like they would in these forums...like the guy who curtly told me i posted in the wrong place--oops, my bad ;) i appreciate it b/c sometimes you just can't find the specific answer to your question just by searching the forums.

anyway, keep on truckin' and i'll keep seedin' !

ps how does one get on a private site?

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I see that it's a daunting task keeping up with all of the issues, bugs and questions on here, so the site wanting to stick to just utorrent-specific issues does make sense. I would suggest going to this site for general file sharing information and discussion http://filesharingtalk.com.

It's not the only site for such things, but it is a great place to start. They also have a fairly thorough list of current torrent sites and what they offer.

Regarding private sites, some sites are just require you to sign-up like you did for the utorrent forums, or from time to time go from being invite only to being open sign-up for a few days here and there, so you can check back a site you might want to get onto from time to time. Other sites never have public registration.

To gain invites to other sites you might find friends have been invited to a particular site and then they can invite you later. If you post your own torrents, you might come to the attention of a stranger that will invite you because your content is relevant to a particular site. You might also hang around in forums where you can ask for invites (refer forums on site link).

I think we better declare this discussion closed before we get excommunicated :D

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like the guy who curtly told me i posted in the wrong place--oops, my bad
And why would you NOT post in the appropriate place if you want the best answers to your question.

In most discussion boards people usually read and reply to question in the area where their knowledge is strongest.

This is the "Troubleshooting (MAC)" board which and your question is not specific to a Apple Mac and your previous question on this topic was ALSO in a Apple Mac specific board.

Torrent 'ettiquette' is the same no matter what machine you use or what client you use. Your question is not even uTorrent specific, so should be in a "chat" section, where anyone who uses the boards are likely to answer, by not observing forum etiquette you are doing yourself a disservice on two counts.

1: It makes you more likely to be ignored in future questions

2: It may mean that you are not getting the best from the boards.

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