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upload/download speed inconsistant with netmeter.


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I recently noticed that I was using a lot more internet usage than I thought I was.

In an attempt to debug this, I installed a net meter program on my computer which shows upload and download speeds from my computer. I noticed that the total speeds in utorrent are inconsistant with the total speeds in netmeter when it is the only internet-using program i have open. In particular, the upload speed seems to be about 10x higher when I limit the upload speed per download to 1 kb/s.

any ideas about why they are so different and how to fix this? is utorrent reporting inaccurate speeds or is there a different problem??

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Client version and build?

Operating system?

Screen shot of "Bandwidth" setting?

Also "speed" and and data transfer (usage) are two different things

utorrent 3.2 build 27568

Win 7 64 bit

bandwidth setting??

I get that utorrent isn't the only thing that does transfers to/from my computer, but I stopped any other programs that may use the internet before I checked this, and the transfer speeds both read 0 then started utorrent and get this inconsistancy...

not sure how to attach an image to the post...

speed and usage are two different things - I get that some discrepancies are neccessary due to other neccessary data transfer for the wanted info to be downloaded, and the variation in download speed reflects that: ie utorrent says 500 kb/s netmeter says 550 or 600... sure, 10% I can handle that...

What I don't get is the 10-fold increase for uploads, ie u torrent says 5.4 kb/s total, netmeter says closer to 60... I did this same comparison years ago on a different computer older version of utorrent etc etc and they pretty much matched up, so what's changed to make them so different now?

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You do know that kB/s (as on the status bar) is kiloBYTES per second whereas your connection will be in kbs (kiloBITS per second

A byte is 8 bits therefore 1 kBs = 8 kbs

not sure that's the reason though because the download's not off 10-fold.... also the netmeter says mB or kB not mb or kb... or for average total download speed it says ??? bytes/sec

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